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QXWB10 Water mist system (Backpacks)

ManufacturerBeijing Topsky Century Holding Co.,Ltd



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    • Manufacturer:Beijing Topsky Century Holding Co.,Ltd
    • Model: QXWB10
    • PN:
    • Agent:
    • Certificate: CE certificate

QXWB10 Water mist system (Backpacks)

(Water mist system)

(water mist fire system)


Qualifications:  Coal Mine Safety Certificate   

Explosion-proof   Certificate

Inspection Certification  



It has applied advanced aerodynamics technology from flow engineering applications involving liquid/gas mixtures to create QXW series water mist systems.



We specialize in harnessing water mist technology in portable formats that has given firefighting a new capability around the world. The portable products bring in significant reductions in response time, better accessibility and efficient firefighting thus helping control fires in the initial stages.


The Backpack is available with the option of usage along with a breathing apparatus. Backpack systems are ideal for use in industry, first intervention system in coal mine, fire trucks & emergency vehicles, offshore & marine.

Technical specification:


Extinguishing agent tank


Filling capacity

10 litres


Stainless steel

Working pressure



8,5 bar

Propellant gas bottle



Compressed air

Pressure cylinder

Filling pressure: 300bar

Volume: 2 litres-value connection

Technical parameters


Operating time

Appr. 25 sec.

Flow rate

24 litres/min

Operating temperature

Tmin +5°C; Tmax +60°C

Carrying device

Ergonomically shaped

Extinguishing gun


Changeover time

Appr. 3 sec. (jet to spray mode)

Lancing distance

Appr. 16 – 18m jet mode

Appr. 6 – 7m spray mode

Ratings (extinguishing performance)

A Fire Class

55 A (as per EN3)

B Fire Class

233 B (as per EN3)

IIB (EN 1866) (e.g.: with exting. agent Moussel C)



Weight empty

15 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Appr.   530 x  330   x687  mm

Mist Range


Electrical Fires:

Up to 1000v/3m distance


CE and ISO9001   ISO14001

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